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I really liked the aesthetic, the world, the dialogs and the gravestones are witty and absurd i loved them ! (i'd love to write my own gravestone)
I have some questions about the card/combat mechanics (i'm always super excited when I see tarot btw, your cards look appealing and mysterious) I just don't know what the jauges (spirit, home and stat) are for and it felt really one sided for a "combat". Since it's a prototype i'd love to know more about what you want to do with that !
Anyway, congrats for putting this original experience together and i wish you all the best with this project :)

The gauges are all arbitrary. They don't mean anything. It isn't actual "combat", but rather, more of a "passing on", which is why the angel doesn't attack. 
It's very intentionally ambiguous and hard to explain, so I'm leaving it open to interpretation. 
Thank you for enjoying, though! 

i'm following the old lady through the swamp, but i can't go into the earth like she does? i'm not even sure if i'm supposed to be able to. i've searched through every other setting except for the actual card game. i'm pretty sure this might just be my own error, but i can't really find anything about this potential 'bug' (get it...). i'm operating on a macbook air if that helps any ~

she leads you to a path that you can follow out of the swamp 

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you can't get to this area? that road leads out of the dark zone you need to follow close to her to get to it without falling 


I loved loved LOVED this! Super cool occult aesthetics!!
The fighting system with tarot cards is super good, I would love to see an extended version of this. I loved exploring the world, (the graves were specially fun to read) but the feeling of just walking around doesn't feel great right now, as it feels pointless to be able to move the camera.

I had the thought of having characters or passages hidden unless you rotate the camera a certain way, but I wasn't sure if I should have in case people didn't see you could rotate the camera. 


i really loved this! really cool concepts, if this is only a 'prototype' then i can't wait to see where it possibly goes!

thank you! I would very much like to eventually make a 4-5 hour long adventure based on this prototype :>


I liked it.

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I played as Bug. I had a great time.


wonderful and cryptic game, i adore all the critters!!


Absolutely amazing atmosphere here.I had to make an account in the hopes that you may be encouraged to make more (of anything really). I played all your games and enjoyed every one of them.

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! 🖤


god tier game tbh


legit game


oh what an absolute delight !!!!


o m g.... thank you sappho

This is so cool!! I hope you can see rating comments cuz I don't wanna bother you with putting my ecstatic review in the comments too. but this is undoubtedly a favourite game!! what you've done to this page to match it is also awesome!! I just have a question, is the angel battle supposed to be 'winnable' somehow? cuz I got the 'you're free to go now' ending when I failed the time trial cards, so I presumed it was a failure. but then I also did everything right and still got cut short and given that ending, so I'm not sure! is there another ending or is that just it? either is cool! I love the way the game closes itself when you're free to go! anyway! thanks in advance!


That is the only ending! I am sorry it is confusing. I meant it to seem like you have won and or lost. Something in between to match the theme of unsure-ity.
The creature at the end delivers Bug to the next realm of Limbo. Bug is safe.

I'm so sorry for spoilers!! I can delete the comment if you want!! thankyou for responding though!! I will continue to play until I've experienced every card before getting out, and that will be a reward of its own!!

It is fine. I put that warning there for anyone else who reads it. The cards currently in the game are: justice, moon, hermit, tower, priestess, hierophant, death, magician, and temperance


i love this cursed artifact and would love to see more in this world/engine. really enjoyed being able to download the major arcana and take a closer look at them ::)


did you just call my game a cursed artifact 

if so that is my new favorite description thank you


Autumn this game is wicked 


Nice! I really liked the game. I really hope a little fan base is made by this, there seams to be a lot of mystery to it :]


The aesthetic and mechanics of the first part really left me in a daze and confused and a little scared, but I really enjoyed the tarot card battle.


Autumn yet again blessing us with creepy, beautiful aesthetics.


I love your aesthetics so much this was so cool. I really hope your make more content like it.


whoa, the effect you did with the font on this page with css is very cool!

thank you!!


I have no clue what this is but that was fun and kinda lonely and I loved the music and the minigames

I don't quite understand the falling off the edge of the world thing 

i just didn't want to have invisible walls.. and thought it looked kind of cool when you zoom past everything 


hey autumn it owns